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Get Real Day

Our annual Get Real Day is on May 8th! This day is dedicated to raising awareness of mental health and substance abuse issues. Join us in the auditorium where a guest speaker will discuss their experiences, as well as in the afternoon, where organizations and resources will be available near the cafeteria!

Our Mission

Each year, TAG explores issues and trends that most affect young people and provides opportunities for students and adults to have open conversations about the challenges young people face around mental health and substance abuse. By raising awareness, we hope to prevent risky behaviors and provide encouragement to those that are struggling. TAG is grateful to the Staples High School and Westport communities for supporting our efforts by allowing us to offer peer-to-peer presentations that speak directly to our generation. 

Members (2022-2023)


Raquel Dembin

Paige Miller

Co-Vice Presidents

Anya Nair

Victoria Fidalgo Schioppa

Co- PR/Social Media

Suhani Aggarwal (Website)

Addison Coughlin (Social Media)


Annam Olaswere

Samantha Sandrew

Community/School Liaison (Prevention Coalition & Wellness Committee)

Allison Cancro

Lily Hultgren

Ryder Levine


Ayaan Olasewere

Grace Zhang

Co-Chairs Board Development

Maia Gubitz

Stella Libman

Freshman Health Class Presentation Coordinators

Liora Perkins

Rachel Olefson

Mateo Olea

Katie Fitzgerald

General Board

Lucy Fischer

Lila Boroujerdi

Claudia Trinchi

Sienna Sedlarcik

Ava Coyle

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