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TAG Talks

TAG Talks provide a venue for community members to share their stories of mental health and substance abuse recovery. Through interviews, presentations, and facilitated discussions, TAG strives to reduce the stigma and encourage conversations about issues that youth care deeply about. Thank you to our amazing participants for sharing your lived experiences with the Staples community. 

Victoria Caputo

Victoria speaks about her mental health journey with depression, anxiety, and eating disorders starting in her teenage years. After surviving a near-death accident, Victoria gained a new perspective on life and was able to work through her struggles, ultimately using her wisdom to help adolescents dealing with similar mental health issues. In this TAG Talk, Victoria speaks about her new book entitled Trust Me, delves into the truth about mental health beyond the stigma, and answers powerful questions about resilience, getting help, and living a life of purpose. 

Bill Mitchell

Bill Mitchell, a native Westporter and owner of the local clothing store, Mitchells, shares his touching story of alcoholism and recovery. Bill walks through his life from Staples and beyond, sharing how a lack of emotional expression, culminated with stress at home and work ultimately led to alcohol abuse. Watch as Bill recounts the struggle of openly embracing recovery for not only himself but for the loved ones around him. Inspiring and insightful- a must watch!

Bill Mitchell
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