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About Us

TAG, Inc. is a student-run, non-profit (501C3)organization at Staples High School in Westport, Connecticut.  It was founded by a group of students with the guidance of the late Chris Lemone LPC, our trusted advisor, counselor, and friend who worked as the Student Outreach Counselor for the Town of Westport’s Department of Human Services from 1999 to 2015.  


The Teen Awareness Group was established in 2001. We are an alliance of high school students with diverse beliefs and opinions, from all backgrounds and social groups, dedicated to helping peers navigate the many pressures they face today; to take responsibility for themselves and others; to manage the lures of unhealthy or risky behaviors through healthy social decision-making strategies.

TAG is known for taking a realistic and impactful approach to prevention.  We believe in engaging students in thoughtful discussions and activities which reduce risky behavior and promote personal & shared responsibility in our community.

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